Chancery court is a court of equity where judges hear cases concerning family matters, wills and estates, and property disputes.   It often is a tumultuous time for the litigants and their families.   As your next chancery court judge, I would deliver expeditious and efficient resolutions and take steps to reduce conflict and make decisions to provide the best solution possible.  I would be sensitive and responsive to every person, ensure the voices of children are heard, and treat all parties with integrity, fairness and respect.  I will work tirelessly to resolve disputes fairly and  make tough decisions when necessary to provide for the care, support and safety of children.  Equality, honesty, and impartiality will form the foundation of my service as your chancery court judge, and I would dedicate myself to make the chancery courts of Jackson, George, and Greene counties the best in the State.


Access to the Courts for Those Experiencing Financial Hardships

As chancery court judge, I will be committed to making justice accessible to every citizen, regardless of status.   I will pursue ongoing coordination with the Access to Justice movement, and continue to serve on the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Center for Legal Services – a non-profit agency that provides legal representation to those who cannot afford an attorney.   The citizens of Jackson, George, and Greene counties deserve a judge with established commitment to the public and our communities, and I am the only candidate with this experience, which will prove invaluable to protect the rights of the citizens of Jackson, George, and Greene Counties.


Preparing Courts for the Opioid and Drug Epidemic

Unfortunately, our nation and communities are facing a drug crisis on a scale never seen before.  During my legal career, I have observed the plague of opioids and other narcotics become a common problem not only in criminal courts, but also in chancery courts.  Addiction to drugs and alcohol destroy the lives of users and their families and children alike.  Once elected, I will work to address drug problems in families, reach solutions before criminal courts become involved, and look to the long term interests of children.



Citizens often complain that it takes the chancery courts too long to conclude their cases.  As chancery court judge, I would dedicate myself to maximizing court days in all three counties to expedite the resolution of cases.   As the only candidate in any Chancery Court election who lives in Pascagoula, just minutes from the courthouse, I would be available for emergency hearings when other judges would be unavailable.   I also would  advocate teleconferences for emergency hearings in other counties in dire circumstances.


On November 6, 2018, vote
Tanya Hasbrouck for Chancery Court Judge,
Seat 2

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