Justice, Fairness, and Equality

Historically, chancery court is a court of equity. A cornerstone of the American judicial system is the belief that all people should be treated equally under the law. In the chaos of the world today, fair, just, and impartial treatment is necessary to uphold the Constitution and nation’s fundamental beliefs. Tanya has devoted her life to helping people and fighting for the fair application of the law to all persons. Her goal as the next Chancellor for seat 2 will be to ensure that economic hardship never prevents someone from having their voice heard or seeking legal protections under the law.  She will decide each and every decision in a fair and impartial manner.


Hard Work and Dedication

Overseeing courts and delivering informed judicial opinions is no small feat and requires a judge who is willing to devote long hours. Tanya was raised to believe in hard work and dedication to doing the job right. She supports strong family values, and also understands the struggles common in today’s society.  She works hard for her family and the families, children, and people she protects in the courtroom. The breadth of Tanya’s current and past public service demonstrate that she will always commit the time it takes to get the job done and will go above and beyond the duties of the office in order to defend justice and to be a fair and impartial decision maker.


Compassion for Families and Children

Tanya has long been an advocate for children and families. During her time as a registered nurse, she worked primarily in pediatrics where her work took her to the Cardiac Burn Step-Down Unit at Denver Children’s Hospital.  Later in her career, she prosecuted those who committed crimes against children and others. As a result of her work on the case of Derouen v. State, the laws of Mississippi changed and now prior offenses against children by a perpetrator can often be introduced into evidence.



All elected officials are ultimately accountable to the citizens who they serve. They must responsibly manage the office to maximize the benefit to the community and minimize costs. With a lifetime of experience in law, Tanya will work to improve efficiency in the courts, saving people time and saving taxpayers’ money. Tanya will work towards integration of platforms and improving electronic systems in the chancery courts in Jackson, George, and Greene counties. As the only candidate in any Chancery Court race who lives in Pascagoula only a short distance from the chancery courthouse, Tanya Hasbrouck is best prepared to hear emergency cases at a moment’s notice. She will be there when constituents need her most.


Public Service

Tanya Hasbrouck firmly believes that our communities are at their best when citizens take an active role shaping and protecting them. Tanya has dedicated her life to serving citizens and communities, whether that be improving their health or protecting their rights. In her legal career, Tanya has 20 years of public service from the Mississippi Supreme Court to the District Attorney’s Office, and presently as a municipal public defender.

On November 6, 2018, vote
Tanya Hasbrouck for Chancery Court Judge,
Seat 2

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